Tom Morton – Production Manager                                  

Tom was asked why he worked for Rock City:


 "To have the 'opportunity' to work as part of a team where the 'team' matters". 

 "To have the 'opportunity' to work within a company that is constantly wanting to be better, thus providing room for growth." 

 "To have the 'opportunity' to change people's lives... both our team and our clients"

Tom Morton


Zac Johnson.jpg

Zac Johnson – Site Manager                                      

"I work for rock city because I've been here since the start of rock city and been a big part of the change and growth. I'm respected and have a voice that is listened to."

 "I come to work everyday and have fun while constantly being challenged and always learning. I have         responsibilities but I have support. I get to work with a bunch of legends I can call mates from the very top in the office down to the apprentices on site."

"Oh and the don has never missed a pay!"

Zac Johnson

Zac has a brother Pheonix who completed an apprenticeship at RCBG & a sister Kye who he say the family married off for a goat! 

Zacs best childhood experience was when his parents did a teacher exchange in 2005 to Calgary, Canada, Best year of his life...




Michael Shaw – Internal Opperations  

                                         "Rock City is place to be amongst people who genuinely enjoy what they do. I love that creativity, growth & individuality is encouraged...  Its a great & inspiring place to work"

  Mick Shaw

Micks first job was a service station cleaner & he loves photography in his spare time.

He has two siblings Danny & Alana.



Harrison Hughes – Adult Apprentice Carpenter 2ND year. 

"Rock City provided with an opportunity to challenge myself through building architectural homes. The teams values and attitudes are one I stride to live my life by." 

Harrison Hughes

Harrison's home town is in Mulgowie, QLD, getting out of the city to camp, fish & 4W Drive are passions.  Being a farm  hand to his farther for his first work experience has created a love for the outdoors.



Ryan Wheeler – 3RD Year -  Apprentice Carpenter

I love working for Rock city, its a great environment to be around constantly being challenged and doing      high end work, it's important to me because this is helping me become a better tradesman in a niche part of  the building industry which i want to stay in and build myself around" 

Ryan Wheeler

 Ryan grew up in the bay side suburbs of Melbourne, school was a uphill battle for Ryan, he knew he wanted to be on the tools from a young age. Ryan enjoys in his spare time shooting hoops with the boys.

                                            Gareth Drusko – Site Manager                                    

"I love to build incredible homes for clients that want to live in homes that have being designed for them, I want to improve there there way of life, building homes like this with care in every detail is a great passion  of mine, especially when you see the gratitude and simple wow factor on their faces every time there onsite for meetings".

Gaz Drusko

Gareth comes from Broadford in central Victoria, Gaz spends time outside of work enjoying Rogaining, Bush walking, Enduro motocross.

His first job was laboring for a local builder, they worked on home mad of Mud Brick, Rammed earth & Straw.


David Johnson – Cabinet Maker                                     


Any of the stunning custom cabinetry used on the Rock City has come directly from Dave’s workshop. Dave works out of our Moorabbin workshop designing and building whatever our clients and architects can dream up – using his trust table saw and edge bender. He has close to 30 years of experience in custom cabinetry. Dave keeps an eye on trends from renovation shows, magazines and liaises with our sales reps to continue creating on trend looks for our clients. His greatest satisfaction is in delivering a finished product the client is happy with. Dave is also been a keen baseball player for Cheltenham and is set to compete in the Victorian Masters competition. He lives in Melbourne with his partner Katrina, teenage daughter, cat Lucky and dog Roxy.

Emery Lonie –  Site Manager

" i work for Rock City because of the high quality projects, inspiring design and awesome team environment. We are always encouraged to contribute and build on our skills"

Emery Lonie

Emery grew up in Sandringham, a true sandy boy!

 Surfing is his passion, even in the cold! 

His first job was in his dad butcher shop in Hampton & it’s still going strong.