Young Builder Master Builder of the Year

In 2014, Rock City completed "Heritage Re-Invention" 

As a result of this project, Adam was nominated  for the Master Builders “2015 Young Master Builder Of The Year” which was a great rearward for our team.

Taking it to the Bank

Winner 2016: National Association of Building Designers - : Best Interior Design

Winner 2016: Residential Design: New Houses $500K-$1M

Winner 2016: Interior Design – Residential

Joint Winner 2016: Excellence in Use of Glass

Bayside Built Enviroment Awards - High Commendation: Best Medium Density

Press: The Age - Domain Feature: Former State Savings Bank in Gardenvale Updated to Become a Stylish Apartment

Heritage Re-Invention

2015 Master Builders Excellence Awards: Finalist Best Renovation $300,000 - $500,00

2015 BDAV Awards – Excellence in use of Timber

2015 BDAV Awards – Heritage Conservation Project – Residential

2015 BDAV Awards – Interior Design – Residential

2015 BDAV Awards – Residential Design – Alterations and Additions

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Feature: The Age domain 2015